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Klyde Warren Park candid shots from Dec 23rd 2012

I had a chance to grab a few “faces in the crowd” at Dallas’s new Klyde Warren Park.  Such a great group of diverse folks enjoying the park on the last Weekend afternoon before Christmas.  Hope you enjoy the images…  If you are looking for specific photos I took of you and I gave you […]

Snowball Express images

I had a fantastic time working as a volunteer photographer with Snowball Express this year.  The organization is one of the most impressive, well run groups I have ever seen. T he families are exceptionally grateful and kind, and the volunteers could not be better to work with.  If you have a chance to spend […]



Please have a look at for information about that which has captured my attention. is a great utility Chris Gordon and I are working on which enables companies, groups and individuals to build custom hotel lists.  These hotel lists are searchable using a variety of free-text, natural language entries such as “nice hotel near 123 this street […]

35 miles to Southlake

Watch a time lapse of a 35 mile drive across Dallas in just 15 seconds! I’ll clean my windshield before the next one 🙂